About Us

About Us

Emofra Africa was founded in 2003 on the belief that all children should have access to affordable quality healthcare regardless of their social/economic status.
Emofra Africa is a registered NGO in Ghana and a registered 501(c) (3) NGO in Virginia, USA.


To serve as a support network for children and families affected by pediatric cancer in Ghana.


To work with medical institutions and other NGOs to increase childhood cancer survival rates in Ghana and globally.


• To educate families about cancer prevention programs including screening and early detection towards the reduction of cancer in Ghana.

• To advocate for policy intervention for sustainable funding for cancer prevention, control, management and treatment.

• To ensure that paediatric cancer patients get accurate cancer diagnosis, appropriate treatment, supportive care, rehabilitation service and palliative care.

• To collaborate with other stakeholders in Ghana and abroad to make Ghana, in
particular, and the world in general cancer free.

• To create a forum of networking for families battling pediatric cancer.

• To raise funds for the control, treatment and management of pediatric cancer care.

• To improve public knowledge on myth and misconception of pediatric cancer.

Meet Our Team

Grace Marabe

Dr. John O. Mate-Kole
Medical Director

Theresa D. Kuleke
Office Coordinator

Nisreen Marabe
Social Media Coordinator


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